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Evacuation chairs provide mobility impaired people with a safe and comfortable way to evacuate the building in the event of an fire or emergency,


The chairs can help a variety of different people who may be in the building. Evacuation chairs allow  to leave a building quickly and safely during an emergency.



Evacuation chairs are also known as rescue chair, evacuation chairs, stairway evacuation chairs, fire evacuation chairs, escape chair or evac chairs also know as evacuation stretcher or stair stretcher. & Safety chair used by residents of the building, employees, visitors or civil defense



play a vital role in the fire safety and evacuation plan of the building.Evacuation chairs






  • Designed with special track structure, more convenient & safer for transport.


  • With four wheels are easy for moving on the ground.


  • ISO, CE & FDA certificate company

  • With two pieces of belts approve the patient’s safety during the transport process.


  • Option: Steel Storage Cabinet

  • Unfolded Size: 92×53×138 cm

  • Folded Size: 35×53×115 cm

  • Packing: 110×56×18cm 

  • N.W: 11 Kg

  • G.W: 13 Kg




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