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What is Evacuation Chair?



  • Want to buy Evacuation Chair Dubai in UAE?  or fire evac chair, are widely used by building managers as a means of escape for people who have difficulty in using stairs in the event of escape chairOur evac chair used for stairways as stairway chair also called fire in a multi-story buildings


  • Evacuation stair chairs or rescue chair is safety chair designed to aid a safe, efficient and speedy evacuation for an array of properties and locations in an emergency situation; & as such they come with a range of benefits, including ease of use & maneuverability.


  • Evacuation chairs help to guarantee the safety of mobility-restricted persons during a crisis or evacuation state. It is therefore essential that people are trained in its safe use if injuries and accidents are to be avoided.


  • Fire is a risk in any building, particularly in businesses or commercial properties where you have large numbers of building so Fire safety plans are something which employers & building owners are legally obligated to implement